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Steel Hinged Doors

Steel doors are now frequently found in commercial premises, as they offer an extremely cost-effective solution providing enhanced fire protection as well as durability, strength and additional security benefits.

Whether your doors are designed for acoustic, security or fire protection purposes and regardless of whether they have vision panels or louvres, Trios Secure engineers can address all aspects of repair and maintenance to the installation.

Your frames may be single or double rebated, but our engineers can replace hinges (including 3-D), ironmongery and closer mechanisms whilst retaining the integrity of the product. We can repair and service all types of latching and locking mechanisms, including high security, standard or panic securing systems.

If linked to fire systems with magnetic latching or fitted with standard or automatic closing devices (or hold open stays), we are able to repair, service and adjust to give optimum operation.


Working with our supply partners, we are able to offer a full specification and fitting service for new products, including all building alterations and works to install the frames. Most products come as fully assembled door sets and can be installed in just one visit – avoiding unnecessary disruption to your operation whilst saving time and money.